Taxodium distichum
(Bald Cypress)


A tall tree growing over 100′ tall, usually narrow conical crown.

Leaves: deciduous, alternate, feather-like, 1/4 to 1/2″ in length, light green to yellowish green, rusty brown or red in the fall.

Flowers: March – April, 5″ long clusters of small male cones, few female cones at the branch tips.

Fruit: 1/2″ cones in fall.

Twigs: small lateral twigs, small rounded pale brown buds.

Bark: gray to reddish brown, narrow strips, fissured, trunks swollen at base.

Comments: A long-lived tree, fast growing, good fall color and tolerates wide range conditions.

“   bark   ” by    rmkoske    is licensed under    CC BY 2.0

bark” by rmkoske is licensed under CC BY 2.0