Tree Registry

Harris County established the tree registry to encourage the preservation of exceptional trees. It records the largest trees in the county by native or naturalized species. The Harris County Big Tree Registry is published every 5 years and the 6th edition will be released in 2015.

Download the tree registry.

Online Tree Nomination Form

Species Information
Owner Information
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Owner Name
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Owner Contact:
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Measured in feet rounded to next lowest foot.
Add the crown spread to the 90º spread and divide by 2.
Nominator Information
Nominator Name
Nominator Name
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Nominator Address
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Nominator Phone
Tree Address
Tree Address
If different than property owner's address.
Provide written directions to the tree, including distance between points and describing where on the property the tree is found.
Permissions *REQUIRED*
In submitting the nomination for consideration as a big tree of its genus and species located in Harris County,
I will grant following any reasonable request, individuals the privilege of entering my property to view the designated tree: *
I wish to have the tree considered as a specimen of its genus and species but do not want its location disclosed: *
I grant permission for a representative of HAUFC to inspect and measure the tree for the purposes of verification of the characteristics reported in this form: *
* Photos can be emailed to *