Ulmus crassifolia
(Cedar Elm)


A large sized tree that grows to 60′ with a narrow, rounded crown.

Leaves: deciduous, simple alternate, with 1 to 2″ in length, dark green and rough above and paler beneath with stiff – toothed margins. Turns yellow in the fall.

Flowers: Small perfect flowers appear in late summer or fall in short-stalked clusters at the leaf bases.

Fruit: Maturing in late summer to early fall, has a total length of 3/8″.

Twigs: Often drooping, slender reddish brown, hairy at first turning smooth later.

Bark: Light brown, tinged with red, somewhat thick with broad ridges separating deep furrows.

Comments: Drought tolerant, tolerates wide range of conditions and has great fall color.

“   Lunch time   ” by    CameliaTWU    is licensed under    CC BY 2.0

Lunch time” by CameliaTWU is licensed under CC BY 2.0