Cercis Canadensis
(Eastern Redbud)


Usually a small tree, sometimes obtaining a mature height of 40′ but more often between 20′ to 25′. Crown may be flat or round

Leaves: are deciduous, simple, alternate and heart shaped. About 3-5″ in length and usually turning a yellow in fall.

Flowers: are bright pink (rose pink) about 1/2″ in length and clustered. Normally flowers before leave sprout.

Fruit: is a legume about 2 – 4″ in length with small dark seeds. Fruit normally ripens in fall.

Twigs: are slender and zigzag with alternating buds.

Bark: reddish brown when young turning gray and smooth but becoming scaly and separating into narrow ridges as tree matures.

Comments: Does not do well low wet areas, very attractive tree can be used in understory and landscape situations.