Chionanthus virginicus
(Fringe Tree)


A small tree reaching about 20′ at maturity. Crown is irregularly rounded.

Leaves: are opposite, simple, deciduous, oval, somewhat leathery about 4-8″ in length and about half as wide. Dark green above and paler below turning yellow in the fall.

Flowers: are white and fragrant and hang in loose clusters 4-8″ in length, four lobed white petals about 1″ wide, usually in mid March – June.

Fruit: usually clustered, dark blue drupes about 1″ long containing 1-3 oval seeds 1/3″ in length, ripening in late summer (on females).

Twigs: green early but tan or light brown later with prominent lenticles, leaf scars are raised. Buds are scaly, the terminal bud is somewhat round, chestnut colored with overlapping scales.

Bark: often multi-trunked with white bands, smooth when young but pale gray with small ridges and furrows as tree matures.

“Fringetree”    by    Katja Schulz    is licensed under    CC BY 2.0