Prunus mexicana
(Mexican Plum)


A small tree reaching 20-30′ at maturity.

Leaves: simple, serrate, alternate, deciduous, 2-4″ in length turning yellow in fall.

Flowers: white, in clusters with five petals 1″ wide, early spring.

Fruit: Large drupe about 1″ in diameter, maturing in midsummer through fall, flesh is thick and edible surrounding round single seed 1/2″ in length. Fruit is dark red/purplish at maturity.

Twigs: slender and smooth, terminal buds are up to 2″ in length, pointed and scaly.

Bark: gray to black when young becoming scaly, rough and furrowed bark as tree matures, old trees may have dark papery bark.

Comments: A tough tree when planted in well-drained areas, usually exists in the understory of creek bottoms, moist woods, slopes, canyons, and fence rows.

“snack”    by    seven twenty five    is licensed under    CC BY 2.0