Carya illinoinensis


Usually reaches 60′ to 70′ can reach 160′, broadly rounded crown open at the top.

Leaves: deciduous, compound, alternate 12-20″ long with 9-17 leaflets 3-8″ long and 1-2″ wide. Hairy and smooth on top and dark yellow green slightly paler beneath.

Flowers: male and female flowers separate on the same tree.

Fruit: Large, hard-shelled nut, Ripening in the fall in clusters of 3-11.

Twigs: Stout reddish brown and hairy, terminal bud almost 1/2 long, pointed and flattened at the tip.

Bark: thick, light brown to reddish brown, with narrow irregular fissures, flattened and scaly.

Comments: Texas state tree, native is best shade tree, wildlife, long lived with a taproot.

“   Immature pecan fruits   ” by    SnickeringBear    is licensed under    CC BY 4.0