Small Trees

Small trees for the Houston Area (recommended for planting near or under power lines).

Common Name Scientific Name Benefits Comments
Redbud Cercis canadensis Spring flowers; fall color Eastern redbud for average soils; Texas redbud for hotter, drier sites
Fringe tree Chionanthus spp Spring flowers American species on moist, acid soils; Chinese species on drier sites
Texas persimmon Diospyrus texana Attractive bark; wildlife Good small tree for hot/dry sites; males lack 1″ black fruit
Mexican plum Prunus mexicana Fragrant spring flowers; wildlife Tolerated most sites; prefers good drainage
Hawthorn Cratagus spp. Spring flowers; wildlife Mayhaw & Parsley on moist, acid soils; Green, Littlehip & Texas on drier sites
Crape Myrtle Lagerstroemia spp. Summer flowers, fall color Varieties & hybrids available in full range of size & color; prefers full sun
Southern Waxmyrtle Myrica cerifera Good screen; wildlife Evergreen; tolerates wet soils
Yaupon Illex vomitoria Colorful fruit; wildlife Evergreen; tolerates wide range of conditions; I. deciduas is deciduous yaupon
Cherry laurel Prunus caroliniana Good screen; wildlife Evergreen; compact variety available