Best Practices for Planting Trees 

Space is a major factor when deciding where to plant a tree. Trees that are given ample space for growth to their mature size are healthier and require less maintenance. Common problems associated with improperly placed trees include power outages, buckled sidewalks and driveways, and obstructed views of traffic. Deciduous shade trees should be planted on the south and west sides of your house to provide cooling shade in the summer and allow the sun to warm your house in the winter.

Power outages can occur when branches come close to utility power lines. Trees and power lines can coexist, and potential conflicts can be avoided by selecting and planting trees with size and growth characteristics appropriate to their location.

Mature Tree Height Minimum Distance From Structure
Up To 30′ 10′ Minimum Distance From Structure
30′ To 50′ 15′ Minimum Distance From Structure
50′ Plus Feet 20′ Minimum Distance From Structure